Heading by Onajite Okoloko, Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Limited was incorporated in 1999 and commenced operations in 2001. The Company is owned by a group of Nigerian Investors and Delta State Government.

Midwestern and the host community

Midwestern has achieved success through its ability to peacefully coexist with the host communities. This is a result of the Company’s various CSR initiatives which have over the years contributed to the social and economic development of its host communities, improved the quality of life of the people, their families and the society at large.

As part of the Company’s growth:

  • Midwestern acquired an interest in OML 18 (Eroton E & P Company Ltd), one of the Divested Assets of Shell Petroleum Development Co
  • Midwestern is the operator of Umugini Asset Company Limited (UACL), a pipeline company which constructed a 51.4km pipeline from Umusadege to Eriemu for injecting crude into the Trans Forcados Pipeline. The UACL pipeline has a design capacity of 45,000bbls per day
  • Midwestern acquired the shares of its business partner and Risk Services Provider, Mart Resources Inc
  • The Company has concluded expansion of its production facility to include a Central Processing Facility (CPF) and Group Gathering Facility (GGF)
  • Midwestern’s strategy is aligned with its vision to be a leading independent E&P Company focused on Africa, with a diversified portfolio of hydrocarbon assets