The second West African International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference 2018 (WAIPEC) will be held in February at the Eko Convention Centre, Lagos, Nigeria. It’s a hugely significant event, not just for our nation’s oil and gas industry, but also for our country as a whole. So why is it so important?

An unprecedented opportunity for change

“WAIPEC this year represents a unique opportunity,” says our Chairman, Mr Onajite Okoloko. “It is the largest event for our nation’s oil and gas sector, and as such is a fantastic chance for the community to come together and discuss the important issues that we need to address as an industry. But, it is also significant because it is an event that is very much led by the industry itself – and I think that is important because it shows what we are capable of when we join together in this way. The issues facing our industry are too significant, and too large, for one organisation alone to take the lead – whether they’re from the public or the private sector – so an event like WAIPEC is a very important one for our domestic industry’s future.”

A crucial discussion

Those issues are manifold, and it is likely that many of them will be directly addressed during the two-day conference. The sessions at the event will cover a broad range of topics, including the future of the global oil and gas industry, and the implications of the trends that we are currently seeing on the international markets. Attendees will also look at how Nigeria and African oil and gas industries can compete effectively in this ever-changing and challenging global economic environment, as well as – at more local level – using the experiences of other oil-producing countries to inform our decisions. The event will also be an opportunity to try and develop new and innovative strategies to unlock the huge potential of West African oil and gas production as a whole – in particular looking at how new technology can help to grow this sector even more rapidly.

A chance to shape the future of oil and gas

“I have high hopes and expectations for what can be achieved at this year’s WAIPEC conference,” says Mr Okoloko. “It will be attended by around 200 exhibiting companies and 6,000 professionals from across West Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia – and I really do believe that it’s an opportunity to set a firm new direction for the industry over the coming 12 months. I think that what makes WAIPEC so special is that is focused very much on developing collaborative, creative and workable solutions to practical issues. There will be a huge amount of knowledge, experience and expertise at the conference this year and I believe that we should all make sure that we make the very best use of it. Get this right, and the decisions and strategies that come out of WAIPEC could shape the West African oil and gas sector for years to come.”

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