We’ve talked here before about the importance of technical innovation in the Nigerian oil and gas industry, and the fundamental part it has to play in helping this sector to grow and to develop in the coming years. The oil and gas sector is one in which operators are able to use technological innovation to really get ahead of the competition – these kind of advances allow companies to explore, extract and process oil and gas more efficiently and so increase their profit margins. And in a sector as potentially difficult and even dangerous as the oil and gas industry, any advantage that a company can leverage over the competition is crucial. But, here at Midwestern Oil we believe that technical innovation is only a small part of the picture.

“Technical innovation is obviously at the heart of any successful oil and gas business,” says our Chairman Onajite Okoloko. “It’s what keeps us ahead in such a challenging environment. But it is only a part of how we, as a business, think about innovation – an important part, but one that needs to work in unison with other parts of our operation too.”

The big picture

For Midwestern Oil and Gas, we take a broader view of innovation – one that shows how we believe this kind of thinking will driver new developments right across the industry. For us, innovation – beyond purely technical solutions – also applies to our people and to the communities we work with. So what do we mean by this?

We firmly believe that if any business is to succeed in this competitive sector – and if the Nigerian oil and gas industry as a whole is to develop in the coming years – then we need to recruit, train and retain the very best talents. And for us, that means finding the right people for the right roles, who are able to bring creative thinking to this challenging industry. For our business to succeed – and indeed for our sector to thrive – we will need to be an organisation that is able to adapt, to work flexibly, and to think differently. The global oil and gas market is changing, new technologies are gaining favour, and the energy market will need to be ready for this revolution. To do this, we need innovators, and creative thinkers.

People matter

Our approach to innovation extends to how we think about the relationships we have with our host communities too. As new oil and gas development opportunities arise, it will become ever more important that Nigerian businesses put the communities who live in these areas first – developing strong, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships is crucial to everyone’s success, as we’ve shown in the past. But this is not always straightforward or easy, and we need to think in an innovative way in order to come up with solutions that benefit everyone.

“Innovation is the driving force behind our business here at Midwestern Oil and Gas, and it has to drive the industry as a whole too,” says Mr Okoloko. “For us, innovation is not just about technology, but rather a willingness to take a creative approach to every challenge we face. That requires the right people in the right roles, but also a culture of open-mindedness, a desire to learn, to ask questions and to challenge. That is the kind of organisation I am proud to work in.”

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